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Fixings covers a broad range of products from Drill bits to rivets, from holesaws to stainless steel machine screws. Please contact us with your requirements for price and availability.

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[ezcol_1half]> Rivets
> Holesaws
> Personal Protective Equipment
> Decking Screws
> Drywall Screws
> Masonry Drill Bits
> Grinding Discs
> Flap Discs
> Cone and Step Cutters
> Silicone Sealants
> Hand Wipes
> Stainless steel Fixings
> Threaded Inserts
> Cavity Fixings
> Tek Screws [/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]> Hand Tools
> Jigsaw Blades
> Woodscrews
> Masonry Screws
> SDS+ and MAx
> HSS Drill Bits
> Stonesaw Discs
> Sanding Discs
> Tile Drills
> Fillers
> Tiling Products
> Hex Nuts and Bolts
> Rawl Plugs
> Shield Anchors[/ezcol_1half_end]